Basic Visa information:

Traveling to Russia requires a Visa which you can get at the Russian consulate in your home country. In order to get the Visa you will need to show a travel health insurance, and since Nov. 2001 an evidence of your income might be required too, a coulpe of passport photographs and an invitation from the person you want to visit or the Hotel you are planning to stay with.

If you plan to stay more than 7 working days in Russia you need to make sure that your stay will be officially registrated by the inviting party. You also should be clear by which source of transport (plain, car, ship) you will travel when you apply for a Visa.

Last but not least you must make sure to fill out the small entry registration card when you cross the boarder! The flight crew does hand out such cards already in the airplain. Make sure you fill out both equal pages of this card as you need to hand it over together with your passport. One of the small cards will be kept by the control point, the other one you must hand over to your host at arrival for the registration purpose.

The invitation and also the registration in Russia and of course the visa application cost money. However the price to get a valid visa can differ a lot and we therefore recommend to compare prices of travel agencies before you start the process.

NB! We know by experiance that lot’s of agencies sell you a visa but they do not care about your registration in Russia! If you stay more than 7 working days in Russia and you do not stay with the person/hotel which invited you registration will cost you another €25 per person! Please note that we can sent you an invitation (more details see our price list) and if you stay with us registration will be done by us for free.

We are happy to supply you with an inviation for your Russian Visa, even you are not planning to stay with us. Just sent us a copy of your valid passport via e-mail attachement or carefully fill out our invitation application form right here on our website. In this case we cannot guarantee for accurateness. As soon we received all information we need and the payment, the invitation will be sent to you by E-mail, Fax or postal service.