Here you can find my collection of restaurants, bars and cafes in St. Petersburg

The name, its location and from time to time the reason why I have decided to add the location to my list you can find below.

I’m only adding locations here I have tried and deeply enjoyed myself because they offer you good food for a very good price and good service and some of them also have a great location and interior.

Have fun trying it and please send me your feedback.

  • VOX

    On the corner of the delightfully walkable Solyanoy per and ul Pestelya, Vox has a top-notch location. It’s the perfect place to sip coffee while watching the mixed crowds go by, from local art students to wandering tourists. The interior is equally impressive with its dim light, white linens and black and white photographs. The pastas are all hand-made in-house and are particularly authentic, although anything you opt for should delight your tastebuds. It goes without saying, the wine list is a careful selection of fine vintages that will perfectly augment your meal.

  • Staraya Tamozhnya
    Old Customs House

    Located in an 18th century warehouse, Old Customs House is one of the city’s finest restaurants. The exquisite food, good service and intimate atmosphere make for a great all-round experience. Connoisseurs and lovers of Russian cuisine should definitely visit the Wine Club and the Russian Vodka and Caviar House, which are connected to The Old Customs House.

  • Cafe Singer

    It is place you will find a large café serving decent coffee and cakes as well as classic Russian dishes like borsch and pelemeni. The staff here will actually look you in the eye and bring you your menu/cappuccino/bill when you ask them for it and they can even be caught smiling sometimes too. Combine that with a great view and stunning art nouveau fittings and you can understand why it always seems to be so full.

  • Grad Petrov

    This trendy beer restaurant with red brick walls and wooden furnishings serves a lighter version of classic German food and homebrewed beers. The lager, hefeweizen, pilsner and dunkel beers are brewed in house to classic Bavarian methods, and you can even arrange to have a tour with their friendly brewmaster. We like the sausage dishes; if you’re hungry we recommend the metre-long Thuringer sausage.

  • Little Italy

    Small, simple, relaxed and friendly, Little Italy really feels like an authentic little trattoria that you would be delighted to have stumbled upon in a Tuscan side-street never mind in the centre of St. Petersburg. Located in what used to be an ice-cream parlour they’ve kept the old venue’s Venetian theme and added a pizza oven and small open kitchen. They do the basics very well and the long experience of the highly qualified Italian chef is visible in everything which is served.

  • British Bakery
    Baltisky Khleb

    The equipment is British and the range of delicious crusty nut and seed topped loaves is large. There’s also a great range of fresh on-site sandwiches available making this a great lunch option. Just halt the seller before they microvave your salad sandwich – lettuce should not be microwaved! This venue has a cafe section which extends through into the atrium of the Vladimirsky Passazh shopping centre. You can also order bread to be delivered to your house through their website.

  • Garcon

    Bakery Heaven. A refuge for all who love the smell of freshly baked loaves, scrumptious biscuits and a good coffee to go with it. You won’t find the cream drenched creations so common in other bakeries here; this is a real French style bakery with all the usual treats. We heard that the five star hotels in the city order from Garcon, and it’s not hard to understand why. Go on, have another almond croissant…

  • Carl’s Junior

    This American burger chain is increasingly praised by burger connoisseurs. Whilst still of the fast food genre it’s a definite step up from Mcdonalds in terms of quality and price. The super star is for the super hungry and the chicken club is highly reccomended. The burgers don’t wait around here, everything is freshly prepared and the free drinks re-fills mean that this place is also very popular with bored teens.

  • Stolle Cafe

    Stolle’s big attraction is their pies, which are quite possibly the best in St. Petersburg. Both sweet pies filled with fruit or savoury pies with mushrooms, fish and meat all get washed down nicely with a coffee (or two or three). The relaxing atmosphere is soothing and addictive. Stolle claims to have recreated to the feel and flavour of an early 20th century St. Petersburg cafe, but really it is something more reminiscent of a modern Viennese Cafe, especially on Vasilevsky Island.

  • Teremok

    Very good price. Head upstairs and worship at the throne of Teremok – the pancake or bliny kings. Although it is strictly fast food, the bliny are assembled as you order them and there is a wide variety including the Ilya Muromets, a popular concoction of boiled pork, mushrooms and cheese. They also do different porridge dishes, an awesome fish soup (ukha) and have beer on tap. There are also 49 takeaway Teremok stands dotted around the city.

  • Subway

    The sandwich alternative in the burger-dominated American fast-food world. Subway’s flagship Russian branch runs on centimetres not inches, but the tastes and huge hunger-defeating sizes are the same. The standard Subway options such as bacon, cheese, chicken, lettuce, meatballs, onions and some spicy sauces are all available, as well as the hot sandwiches. Daily specials are a bargain and both the bread and the cookies are warm and soft. Seats by the window are great for people watching on Nevsky prospekt.

  • Mansarda

    Turn into the building signposted with Gazprom’s headquarters and head for the lift in the left side of the blindingly sleek Quartro Corti business centre. You will be greeted six floors up with a candid view of the nearby golden dome of St. Isaacs Cathedral. The interior is understated and the glass walls ensure that the view is the main focus. The cuisine is as crisp and modern as the restaurant in which it’s served and shouldn’t disappoint. Classic European tastes dominate with Asian influences also given some attention and the fresh fish based dishes are particularly recommended. In warm weather the rooftop terrace is an excellent venue for sunset cocktails or Sunday brunch.

  • Moskva

    The rooftop location on the 6th floor of the upscale Nevsky Centre, draws in a dressier crowd of wealthier diners looking to soak up the fancy view. The decor is done out in various shades of cream and the furniture is the muted and comfy yet expensive looking stuff that is typical of the Ginza brand’s casual-chic style. Potted plants brighten the place up, as does fresh fruit at the open central cooking stations and while the menu looks over ambitious, hitting all corners of the globe with sushi, pizza, Russian classics and continental mains – the food is still well-made. The Moskva roof is also a great place for evening drinks, and sipping cocktails on the huge sun-drenched terrace overlooking the hustle and bustle of Vosstaniya square, we have to admit is pretty darn enjoyable.

  • Chopsticks

    The atmosphere is chic, the service is exemplary and the interior divine. The food is exquisitely prepared authentic Chinese but it is the atmosphere and service which is the real drawcard. You will be so well looked after, you may feel that a wave of relaxation washes over you like a breeze from the South China Sea.

  • Sbarro

    A pizza chain with a lot of success in Moscow that has started to make fortune in Petersburg too. The slices are big and fresh, and you can get right on Nevsky Prospect a business lunch for just 139 Rub! This does include a nice piece of pizza, a salat or a nice soup and a soft drink or a tea. This is a perfect value for your money and it’s quick. Love this place for a quick lunch! There is a salad bar, a separate pizza counter, and a separate counter to order and pay for your drinks. Our advice: if you want your pizza warm: first eat, than get your drink