Arrival to Saint Petersburg via Helsinki:

All who like to see their arrival as part of their journey should travel via Helsinki to Saint Petersburg. Helsinki is cosy, beautiful, clean and a good place for walking, relexing and also for shopping. Helsinki is just a couple of hours away from St. Petersburg and the best choice for all who want to come by car to Russia. Beside modern highways also the borders processing between Finland and Russia are mostly fast.

Another interesting option are the farry connections from Germany and other European Countrys to Helsinki and from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg. One of them is the connection “Germany/Rostock to Helsinki (Tallink Silja Line within 36 hours) Another connection with the same company or as alternative with the Viking Line from Stockholm to Helsinki within 16 hours or you can choose Stockholm – Turku which takes you just 11 hours. I have tried all connections with full satisfaction.

Helsinki is also a very interesting flight desitination because a huge amount of airlines offer much better and cheap flights to Helsinki instead of Saint Petersburg. I recommend you to compare prices from your home country/city to Saint Petersburg and alternatively to Helsinki. In many cases you easily save up to 50% costs just by chosing a flight to Helsinki.Check e.g., KLM Royal Dutch, Flysas and also Finnair. A good idea is also to use the portal from

TIP: From the airport in Helsinki you can take for just €3/4 a shuttle bus which will bring you within approx. 20/30 Min to the main train station. An expensive taxi is actually not needed at all.

Connectivity options between Helsinki and St. Petersburg:


A ferry connection is corrently offered by St. Peterline.


For approx. €40 you can find daily bus connections from the main bus station next to the main railway station in Helsinki to Saint Petersburg. More details can be found on the internet site of Savonlinja Group.


Up to date information about train connections and prices can be found on the webpage of the Finnish railway organization ( VR) and as well via the site of the Deutschen Bundesbahn. If you have questions you can also try to sent your inquiry to:

Three times a day are departing trains from the main train staition in Helsinik to Saint Petersburg. The price per person is around €60 — €80. With the new modern and very convenient high speed train “Alegro” it will take you only 4 hours! Tickets are almost never booked out.

Departure Helsinki Arrival St. Petersburg
7.23 14.15 Finlandsky Vokzal
15.23 22.51 Finlandsky Vokzal
18.23 01.44 Ladozhsky Vokzal
Departure St. Petersburg Arrival Helsinki
07:17 12:35 Finlandsky Vokzal
16:30 21:48 Finlandsky Vokzal
06:07 12:00 Ladozhsky Vokzal

Actual train schedule here…

This webpage -only in Russian- is as well quite good to get up to date information about train connections and ticket prices: