Travel Connections:

Direct flights to Saint Petersburg are quite often expensive. However during the last couple of years appeared a wide variaty of alternative travel routes which are helping you to save your money for a minimum investment of time.

Just have a look to the possibilities to combine cheap flight, bus, train and ferry. Our location (Google – Map) click here…

By Airplain:

A good idea is without doubt to use one of the well known price comparing engines. I made very good experiance e.g. with ““. Just enter your point of departure and the destination (LED = St. Petersburg) and compare the offers.

Beside that I made good experiance with the following companies but please keep in mind that I’m focused here on connections between Russia and Germany: Air Baltic from Berlin or Duesseldorf. As earlier you book as cheaper the prices! Just for your orientation.

I was able to book flights starting from €49 per person. Beside attractive prices Air Baltic offers acceptable food and good Service. The best direct flight connections from Hamburg to St. Petersburg is currently offered by the Russian airline Aeroflot . €100 and less are possible per person.

More information you can find on the companies web site in German, English, French and Russian. With a little bit of luck you can find also with Lufthansa cheap direct flights to St. Petersburg from Hamburg, Frankfurt, Muenich or Duesseldorf. It makes sense to search and compare offeres.

Another good idea is also the airline Swiss. Swiss also offers daily flights to Saint Petersburg.

By Ferry:

Who would like to come to Saint Petersburg by car, motorbike, bike or just by foot has a good choice of direct or indirect ferry connections. Good suppliers are e.g. the Tallink Silja Line with good connections from Germany (Rostock) to Helsinki or Turku in Finland.Please note that this connection might not work all the year round because of ice.

Another interesting tour is a ferry connection between the city Luebeck in Germany and Sassnitz to Saint Petersburg, offered by Finnlines.

Quite new are the connections offered by St. Peter Line. They travel between Stockholm (Sweden), Tallin (Estonia), Helsinki (Finland) and Saint Petersburg (Russia)

By bus:

Who is looking for a cheap connection between Germany and Saint Petersburg should have a look to buses.

I used a couple of times the bus connections offered by Eurolines to travel from Saint Petersburg to Tallin or Riga to get from here a cheap flight to Berlin but also e.g. to Dublin or other european cities. You can choose, book and pay your connection right away online.

By car:

Are you planning to travel by car? More helpful information about that can be found here: “Russland-Aktuell“, or as well here: ““. Both contributions are in German.

Therefore below a short summary: Year by year it becomes easier and better to travel by car. Streets getting better and better, borders are modern and border processing in most cased fast, perfect net of gas stations… however the better choice to come to Saint Petersburg is without doubt the tour via Sweden/Finland or directly Finland/Russia compared to the tour via Poland, Lithuania, Lativa, Estonia. Much more border to be crossed and less good streets.

Maybe helful. A link to a German tour planning site: Routenplanern Routenplaner