Your first destination should be the Moscow railway station, which can be found right at the well known “Ploshad Vostanija“. The roundabount with the huge Obelisk in the center.

From there you have just 10 minutes by feet left to our private accommodation in the 5th Sovetskaya Street house 21, Apt. 4 with the main entrance door from the yard. Currently we have a fruit and vegetable shop right below our Bed & Breakfast, helping you to find our hidden place easier.

GPS: +59° 56′ 2.58, +30° 22′ 15.00

How to find us PDF

NB! If you want to come to us by your own (not with our transfer service) please do not forget to inform us by phone or via SMS on time as we do NOT have 24h Concierge Service and in order to meet you and let you in we also need some time to travel to the accommodation. Thank you for understanding.

How to come from the international Airports to our place?

We have two international airports in St. Petersburg which are called National Airport Pulkovo I and International Airport Pulkovo II. Who comes from a destination in Europe will arrive -except some exceptional cases- at Pulkovo II.

Both airports are quite far from the historical city center and cheap public transport are often croweded and not designed to take lot’s of lugagge. That is one reason why we offer our own guaranteed stress free and convenient airport transfer.


After you picked up your lagguage and found your way to the arrival hall keep watching for our driver who will hold an A4 paper with your first and/or second name in his hands. He will help you with your lagugge and bring you quick and save to our place.

NB! In case your flight is departing much later or you are missing your connecting flight or you are landing for any reason not at Pulkovo I but II please sent us a SMS or give as a short call! Our number: +7(812) 923 05 75

Public Taxi from the Airport

If you want to organize a taxi by your own after your arrival please be attentive and careful. Agree FIRST the price! €25 is possible, €30 to €35 is more likely and up to €50 possible. Recently we had a poor client who paid €130! A real rip off. So be carefully! To show the driver our address and our contact telefon is perfect and will be enough. (5. Sovetskaya 21 (Советская) 21, nähe Ploschad Vostanija (Площадь Восстанения)

Public Transport

Only to be recommend to guest with at least basic Russian language knowledge and small baggage.

Go out of the arrival hall of the Pulkovo II airport and turn left. Just 50m away you will already see a typical bus stop, bigger busses with the numbers 13, 13k and 13a and smaller mostly white or yellow private mini buses/vans. The advantage of them is that they drive a bit faster and offer maybe a bit more comfort.

No matter what you choose, they all will pass the Metro Station “Moskovskaja“. Depending on the traffic situation this will take you approx. 15 to 25 min. On the way you will pass the square of victory with a big obelisk. From the Metrostation “Moskovskaja” you must go to the Station “Technologetshesky Institute” in order to switch here from the “blue” to the “red” line up to the Station “Ploshad Vostanija“. The Metro ride will take approx. 30 to 45 Min. Depending on your way out you will find yourself either rigth on the famous big Nevsky Prospect street or right on the central square with the huge obelisk or in the Moscow railway station.From here it takes you max. 10 min. by feet.

NB! To ride the Metro in St. Petersburg is very simple and cheap! Just go in and buy a “Coin” at one of the small windows for currently 25 Rub (approx. 60 cent). Please note that you can pay public transport including Taxi only in Rub and only in cash! Therefore do not forget to take some cash right in the arrival hall from one of the cash machines.