Below you can find an up to date listing of helpful internet sites and sites of our friends and partners together with a short discription:

The first link has not so much to do with St. Petersburg but therefore a lot with me. It is the link to the site of my brother Jens: An excellent artist and an unique specialist of indian knowledge and a youth / child worker. Just have a look, I promise you, you will like it. Perfect activties for individuals, families, groups of friends and last but not least also for schools and kindergardens.

In your pocket is a very nice bi-monthly updated city guide for St. Petersburg and also Moscow with endless helpful tips and all the information you need to survive here!

I know Peters Walking Tours now for over 8 years. Peter does offer unique food tours or bike tours and will show you the “other side” of St. Petersburg. Peter offers a wide variaty of different tours; St. Petersburg has lots of different faces. Peter is the right specialist to show you some of them far from the mass tourism, forgotten yards, nice hold houses and its history, lot’s of magic and surprices. Even for me who am living here now for over 15! Years it was surprisinlgy interesting. I can recommend you very much to check this out!

Who want to stay up to date about Russia and especially about St. Petersburg who should have a look to the German  St. Petersburger Herold!  Also a nice place for small market ads

One more German “News” Site with up to date information about politics and economical news about Russia: Russland Aktuell. Beside daily news you can find here helpful travel tips and tricks perfect information before traveling to St. Petersburg.

As long I’m living and working here in St. Petersburg I remember the two times per week issued free St. Petersburg Times newspaper. Avilable in most Hotels, but also in lot’s of cafes, restaurants, shops etc. The St. Petersburg Times is informing about local news, political events, economical news but also once per week about culture and events.

One of the Bed & Breakfast travel portal where we are listed almost from there very beginning.

Learn Russian in St. Petersburg or Moskau. The language school belongs without doubt to one of the best in Russia and lot’s of students have been already our guests. Very much to recommend.

A very nice and helpful interactive Metro plan from St. Petersburg. Unfortunatelly only in Russian but still to understand.

This nice page does tack in realtime the current location of all public transports in town. Super cool and very helpful!