Here we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who helped and are still helping to realize our dream from the small and cosy Bed and Breakfast in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“Nothing in the world is so powerful like an idea ready to be realized”

Ira for her constant and reliable help, perfect flower care in the kitchen and during the summer outsite of each window and most of all for her constant cleaning all the years through. Thanks Ira!

Conny and also Fabian for the new setup of our well known local guest service, almost clinical cleanness after we took over management in October 2010.

Nadja for the perfect management of the Bed and Breakfast since June 2011…

Nico Lange and Jenny for the setup of the WiFi and the helpful holiday replacements.

Markus Müller and his team from Tasc-Soft for the web administration and the realization of all the helpful ideas and tools etc.

Marina Mitina for the design and setup of our first Intenet Site. The site was active for over 8 years! From 2003 up to begining of 2012.

Ein Bild von unserer ersten Internet Site

Frank Vogel for his trust in our dream and as investor

My Cousin Ralf for his trust in our dream and all the planning of the electrical network, the nice photos which are now constant part of our interior and the idea to have movement sensors for lights in the public areas :-)

Andre for having so much patience and finally for the realization of the electrical network, all the small handholds and his friendlyness and readyness to help any time

Rudi Herber for the nice wooden windows and the open and kind relationship

Manu for her trust as investor

Eugen Klein for all his work as webmaster, his friendship and the first helpful links and other marketing activities to get the first clients

My parents for the moral and financial support, the Ikea purchases, good transports from Germany to Russia and so much more…

Vladimir Balakhonov for his help to translate and to write over 300 receipts

Alla for her thorough and intensive cleaning of all windows, floors, bathrooms etc. right after we finished the renovation and during the next couple of month before we found Ira as her replacement.

My at that time work colleague and friend Rolf Fischer for is spontaneous help and setup of lot of furniture…

Klaus for his spontaneous and friendly help to assemble all the furnitures and for much more ;-)

Sascha for his excellent restauration work of all the 100 more year old wooden floors. There was no one who was seriously thinking that this would be possible at all…and tried to convince me to replace them with Laminat :-(

Nina and Gala for being so reliable and also for their strenuous efforts and perfect plaster and painting work. Without them the place never would become such a nice place as we have it today. Big thank you

Sascha for the repair work of the old window in our staircase and the new renovated and colored banister.

Thank you also to Arkadi for all his work in and around the heating and sanitary area. Thanks to Arkadi we have now two functional bathrooms

Special thank you of course also to our construction manager Vadim. Vadim has overseen all work, organized the specialists, ordered the construction materials and helped to solve all kinds of issues which popped up during our heavy renovation work.

Sergey for all his carpenter work: Doors, locks, shelves, wardrobes, floor work etc.

Jochen from the travel agency Go East in Hamburg for helping to get first clients

Thank you of course to all other works who are not listed by name but anyway helped us to realize our dream of this Bed and Breakfast.